Simon Pilkington
February 3, 2014

The Weekly Social Wrap: Facebook changes their Edge Rank

Facebook changes its algorithm to display more user generated content, Arnie’s undercover act goes viral, Pinterest introduces a new filter, and more.

Welcome to a rather embarrassing week in the world of social media.

This week’s top stories:

Facebook makes changes to its algorithm to display more content generated by users as opposed to pages (businesses). Arnold Schwarzenegger’s undercover act went viral in YouTube this week, generating over 1 million views on the first day. Pinterest has introduced a new search filter to help users to find recipes with ease and is testing a personalised home page based on your interests. Snapchat’s security had problems, their recent security updates got hacked… again. Lastly, we look at what Sundance did on Instagram.

This week’s biggest story: Facebook showing more user generated content

Facebook says it is getting more users friendly, with user generated content gaining higher visibility on user’s newsfeeds. Facebook claims that this is to improve the user’s experience. This may be true, however the question is: ‘What is this mean for businesses and social media marketers?’.

Many people forget that Facebook is a business and now has shareholders. This means that Facebook wants to make money. Therefore it is making moves to “encourage” businesses to spend money if they want their audience to see their content. So, if you feel that not as many people are interacting with your content I would suggest paying to promote your content where appropriate.

Viral Video of the week:

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover in a viral campaign by “Gold’s Gym”, posing as a Regional Manager. Contributing factors as to why the idea went viral are:

It is pretty funny

It has a celebrity in it (like the Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo video)

It was for charity, adding to people’s likely-hood to share

Case Study of the week:

Two other important pieces of news:

Pinterest Updates:

Pinterest makes highlights this week by stepping up their game. Pinterest is about to test a personalised home page based on the users’ interests. In addition, Pinterest have already released a new search filter that allows users to find recipes with ease. It makes perfect sense, since the stats proves that ‘food’ is the most commonly shared topic in Pinterest. Find more info here:

SnapChat Scandal:

Snapchat’s recent flaws in their security system are one of the hot topics talked about in the social media world this week. Failure of Snapchat’s new update stirs tension, and anxiety among users. Find more info here

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