Thomas Mangan
December 1, 2019

Tell Your Brand Story On Facebook With An Our Story Page

Tell your brand story more effectively with well crafted "Our Story" content on the About tab of your Facebook page. We share our top tips & examples.

Your brand is entirely unique.
It might have crazy competition, a busy market or a product that has a hard time differentiating itself; but you are meeting these challenges in a special way.
This is your story!
This is how you and your team are fighting back and making a difference. Facebooks ‘Our Story’ feature gives you a chance to show off what makes you special.
It is a common misconception that the humble ‘about us’ section is not so important. That is rubbish! Now more than ever, people want to find out about the companies they use.
Just don’t make it boring.
How many times have you found yourself staring down the barrel of an ‘about us’ that's just chock full of buzzwords like ‘market leader’, ‘results driven’ or my pet peeve anything that mentions ‘solutions’.
This is the stuff that graduates use to pad out their CVs.
Use this part of your ‘about’ tab to really give an insight to who you are and what you are all about. This page is also indexed by google, you can drive a lot of search traffic to your page and business with the right keywords.
Facebook has recently updated the 'Our Story' section for mobile and it takes up a decent bit of screen real estate.
It's the contemporary elevator pitch as you try and stop scrolling thumbs with an eye catching image or a title that needs reading.
Check out how ours looks on the Facebook app. 

How to set up your ‘Our Story’ section

Let’s jump in and see what the ‘Our Story’ section looks like on a new account.
On the left choose the ‘About’ tab and then on the right choose ‘+ tell people about your business’
When you click here you will open what is essentially a Facebook note.
You can add a picture the dimensions should be 1200 x 445 pixels, be aware that a smaller version of the image will be shown on your main facebook business page.
You can also edit the title and add the body of your story here with some simple editing tools such as H1, H2 and formatting.

What to write about in your story 

Stuck on what to write? Don’t worry I got you! 
The problem you are solving
Just like any good story, you'll want to start with conflict. What is the problem in the universe that your company is solving? It can help to set the scene so your readers can relate to the issues that you fix.
The guys at My Muscle Chef are an awesome example of this. They have balanced an engaging story that gives flavour and history to their company, along with a clearly formatted page that packs in information for their readers.
How you do it better than everyone else. 
Okay, so you have a great product, but what’s different?
Make sure to use this space to really set yourself apart from the competition. Customers are more conscious about the companies they buy from than ever before. They are looking for a reason that you are better than everyone else, so show off!
Do you use plastic free packaging? Do you support local suppliers? Perhaps you have a charity or community you support?
Make your company more 3D by including some of the behind the scenes magic that makes you different.
Call to Action
Don’t forget to include an ask.
If people have made it this far, they are interested in what you do. Don’t get them all excited and then give them no way to take it forward. Attention spans can be short and you can’t rely on people to hunt around for a way to buy.
Make sure to include contact information, website links or even directions to your store. Moving customers down the funnel should be a priority for you.
Focus on your target reader
You are on facebook, not the boardroom. You are speaking to customers, not employees. You are talking to people, not at them.
Make sure to speak directly to your target audience. Use ‘you’ and ‘we’ to include the reader in what you are talking about.
If you are struggling to find fun and engaging ways to tell your tale; It can be useful to draw up profiles of some ideal target customers so you can have them in mind throughout your drafting process. It is amazing what a simple shift in tone can do for a block of text.

Examples of Stories done right

Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo has taken a different, yet equally effective approach to their story. They define their position as a global leader, their commitments to conservation and a clear place for people to find out more.
Headspace is a fantastic charity that aims to engage young people and provide mental health support. Therefore they need to be on their game with social media as their target audience is 16-25, the demographic of highest facebook users.
Their story fits this with a punchy statistic to hook the reader and get them involved. The text is clear and concise, and lists exactly what they can do to help. As their target audience is so tech savvy a contact is not necessary.
Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia has again done something different with their story. They have used it as a place to inform users about the terms and conditions of their page. This makes sense for larger businesses as they don’t have to rely on selling a particular product but rather use their social media to communicate with a wide user base. A clear social media policy means users know what they can expect and can help guide customers down the correct communication channel.

Your story is waiting to be told

Make use of all the features on your Facebook profile to squeeze all of the value out of the platform. Especially if you are running Facebook advertisements or any of the other amazing features to get your brand name out there.
You are putting a lot of effort in getting people to notice you. Make sure your page is packed with the right information to get people excited about your brand. Show them who you are and they will surely come back for more.
Need a little help planning your next move on social media? Desperate for a social media sensei to show you the ways? Drop us a message on the contact form below and we can help you develop a #winning social media strategy.

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