Simon Pilkington
June 26, 2014

Snapchat shares “Our Story”, LinkedIn gets a Job Search App and William Shatner rants on Twitter

This week in social media news, there has seen Snapchat trial its latest feature “Our Story” at a Vegas Music Festival. The viral video of the week takes an interesting look at growing up and becoming

This week in social media news, there has seen Snapchat trial its latest feature “Our Story” at a Vegas Music Festival. The viral video of the week takes an interesting look at growing up and becoming a woman. LinkedIn releases a standalone Job Search app for its users and William Shatner rants on Twitter about the “Nobodies” who have verified accounts.

Snapchat releases “Our Story” at Las Vegas Music Festival

Over the weekend the mobile app Snapchat tested out it’s newest feature “Our Story” at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) music festival in Las Vegas.

This new feature takes “My Story” (where a user can create a story from a collection of their own snaps and share to their friends) to a whole new level. The concept of this new feature is for people to share their photos and videos to a public “Our Story” that can be seen by anyone on the app.

Snapchat invited everyone that went to the Vegas music festival to connect with the “Our EDC Story” by offering free WiFi for the event. Users could only contribute to the story if they had their location services turned on, proving that they were in fact at the festival. All other users were able to add “Our EDC Story” as a Snapchat friend and view the collection of public posts.

In the future this feature could generate revenue from companies willing to pay Snapchat big bucks to feature an “Our Story” and cover their major event for all other users to engage with. Not everyone can attend events such as Vegas’ EDC but Snapchat may have found a way for anyone and everyone to feel involved.

Viral Video: Fake growing up has never been so funny

After their successful video campaign last year, female care company “HelloFlo” has released another ad called “First Moon Party”.

Presented with actors talking straight into the lens, this video shows a precocious young girl faking her first period so she can fit in with her friends. Naturally her mother discovers the fake evidence and is not fooled by the glittery red nail polish she finds on a pad. Setting out to prove a point, the mother holds a period themed Full Moon Party – but don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

Already up to 20 million views in its first a week, the ad sets out to sell the HelloFlo brands period starter kit. The sheer honesty and believable performances results in an extremely funny and effective commercial. Not holding back in what is often a taboo subject, it is no surprise that the video has been super popular. To be honest, it is just flippin’ hilarious!

Also in the News…

LinkedIn launches its Job Searching App

The popular social media platform released a standalone Job Search App late last week. With it’s beautiful and streamline design, the app is designed to be the one stop shop for job searching. Building upon its massive user database, LinkedIn Job Search easily connects to users searching for work and businesses looking for candidates. Just another way LinkedIn is proving it’s worth in the realm of social media platforms.

William Shatner rants on Twitter about Nobodies being Verified

Over the weekend Star Trek actor William Shatner had a protest on his Twitter that only celebrities should have verified Twitter accounts. He publicly tweeted verified accounts of people he labelled as ‘Nobodies.’ Mostly these ‘Nobodies’ were popular bloggers and people within the social media industry. Shatner went on to say that there are still worthy celebrities waiting to have their accounts verified, yet numerous ‘Nobodies’ have already been given the honour.

What do you think? Is Shatner a crazy arrogant fool or does he have a point?

Should there be clearer guidelines to what constitutes a verified account or not?

Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for our new summary next week.


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