Simon Pilkington
June 13, 2014

The Football World Cup and Social Media, Oh and some other less important news

The Football World Cup and the support of Gay Rights. Something that we are very passionate about the Hello Social.

As is always the case; the world of social media has radically transformed in the past mere seven days, however this week we would like to focus on the Football World Cup and the support of Gay Rights. Something that we are very passionate about the Hello Social.

In other news, Google has released a social media platform that will connect the multiple properties of a business in one convenient place.  For World Cup season Twitter has re-introduced Worldcup “hashflags” and Snapchat has released statistics revealing that Three in Five Males are using Snapchat purely for sexting.

This Week’s Biggest News Is Also This Week’s Viral Video: Proud to Play (#ProudToPlay)

“Stereotypes are like records: made to be broken. Scoring a hat trick. Taking home to gold. Anyone can set the pace for the rest of the world. All it takes is determination, sweat, and heart.”

Our viral Video of the week “Proud to Play” celebrates Lesbian, Gay. Bi-Sexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride Month and the World Cup with a new social push called #ProudToPlay. The video honours the athletes, their supporters and the Youtube Creators who stand up for the diversity.

The video has gone viral as it exposes the growing and ever-present community of the LGBT in sport; from the likes of Jason Collins, Tom Daley to Michael Sam, all of whom feature in the video, choosing to come out in public in support of these athletes. It also asks those affiliated to upload their own video showing what #ProudToPlay means for them, the call to action drawing in an abundance of traffic.

Google Launches New Platform to Connect Businesses With Customers

This week has seen our beloved go-to tech giant search engine Google release “Google my Business”. This is said to be a medium for merchants to manage their social media presence contained on a variety of the company’s properties in one convenient place. The businesses’ presence on platforms such as: search, maps, and Google+ can be compiled into an abundance of accurate business information.

This platform will become a way for businesses to better understand their customers and cater to their needs. The new system will integrate with Google’s AdWords platform and provide businesses with data about customers and engagement. For more info click here.

Two other pieces of news this week in the social media realm:

Twitter Re-introduces World Cup Hashtags

An exciting re-introduction for those World Cup fanatics who express their eagerness through a tweet; the hashflag has returned in all of its emoji glory.
A hit in the 2010 World Cup, Twitter announced on Tuesday the return of national hashflags, which is exactly as it sounds. When fans tweet a “#” followed by their country’s three-letter abbreviation, a flag will appear in the tweet.

For example if you’re a Brazil fan, you would tweet “#BRA” prompting the Brazilian flag to appear.

Three in Five Australian Males Use Snapchat to Sext

A new study called ‘The Secret Life of Social Video’ undertaken by Sydney advertising agency The Works as well as the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) reveals how Australians are really using social media.

Despite humor leading the way on Snapchat, three in five Aussie males who use the service admitted to sending sexual content compared to one in five females ‘sexting’ with friends, lovers or potential admirers.

The average number of friends a user has on Snapchat is between one and ten reflecting its intimate nature and use as a means of distributing sexual content to targeted friends.

See you next week!

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