Meredith Eriksson
March 8, 2018

Facebook Post Idea: Long Image With Hidden Message

Here's a quick and easy Facebook post idea to encourage engagement with your page. Similar to press and hold posts, the long photo with hidden message is a quick way to keep your fans guessing. In this article we explain the perfect image size and format for this Facebook post type. Plus examples!

We’re back with another cheat’s guide to great content. Our last blog was on how to create live photos or “tap to reveal” posts for your brand. This week I’ll be showing you how to create a long image with a secret section.
The ‘long photo’ post offers Facebook users an incomplete image and tempts them to click in order to view the rest of it. More simply, It’s a photo with a hidden section.
It may seem like a cheap trick to get users to engage but the effect is surprisingly authentic and fun.
Food delivery app Menulog made a brilliant example of this type of content in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.
Users were encouraged to tap the image in order to “pop the question” and were rewarded with a cute joke about pizza. The accompanying copy also encouraged engagement by asking users: “Who would you propose to?”
It’s certainly not lost on us that Menulog have figured out the algorithm is punishing brands who use the “tag a mate” phrase and are now choosing their words more carefully.

How To Make The Long Photo In Four Easy Steps

Image Requirements (All sizes are width x height in pixels):
Whole Image: 772 x 1920 (inclusive of secret answer)
Main Section: 772 x 1682
Secret Answer: 772 × 238
  1. Create an image in Photoshop (or your image software of choice) with a pixel width of 772 and a height of 1920.
  2. Create a small rectangle shape at the bottom with the dimensions of 772 width and 238 height or isolate an area that shares those dimensions.
  3. Colour/decorate the large background image and place a clickbait title in the middle.
  4. Write your answer in the smaller “secret section”.
The content-savvy NSW Police Force used the ‘long photo’ format to educate their fans about mobile phone use while driving. The result was an absolute win for engagement, earning the boys in blue over 1000 likes and just under three hundred comments.
Another great example is the one we made for one of our clients, Lebanese restaurant La Mono. We asked fans a question about Lebanon and then hid the answer. It was a great post that was visually appealing, informative and interactive.
The possibilities for this type of content are endless. Have fun with it and give your brands the engagement they deserve!
If you want your business to always be one step ahead of the competition, give us a call and learn how Hello Social can make your brand stand out.

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