Simon Pilkington
May 29, 2014

Facebook changes and a viral PSA

This week in social media, Facebook announce the automatic update of all pages to their new design, ManKind's viral PSA campaign, Spotify hacked, and more.

This week in social media has seen Facebook announce the automatic update of all pages to the new design by June 5, and what you should be doing to keep on top.  This week’s viral video delves into a sensitive but unfamiliar issue with ManKind’s latest social campaign.  Our case study takes a look at three big brands who have recently dominated in the field of crowdsourcing.  Google makes a small and almost unnoticed (until now) alteration to their logo.  The Spotify app for android phones is hacked, prompting users to update pronto.  And our tip of the week involves some helpful tips for small businesses that are new to social media.

Facebook’s page changes become mandatory

Facebook continues to keep us on our toes with the announcement of automatic page layout updates as of June 5.  Facebook began rolling out the new design several months ago, giving existing pages the option to update or not, giving us ample time to readjust (again).  We originally posted about the new changes on March 11, which involved new image constraints, the Page Insight tool, the Pages to Watch feature, and timeline layout movements.

As of June 5, all pages will change to the new layout, which means if you haven’t updated your page accordingly you should do so now.  Have a look at this downloadable guide for advice on how to get the most out of the latest changes.

Viral Video of the Week: Violence Is Violence

This week’s viral video features another PSA that has won the internet over (unfortunately not for fun reasons) – ManKind Initiative’s latest viral campaign featuring the hashtag #ViolenceIsViolence.  Showing a candid scenario of a couple fighting in public, the video highlights the dramatic shift in reactions when the exchange is flipped between genders.

True to typical viral PSA form, through the use of a twist of social norms, the video challenges our perceptions of these, leaving an intended afterthought.  The afterthought is followed by a fact (40% of domestic violence is suffered by men), a unique hashtag, and a call to action (to donate).  The YouTube video also features a text bubble at the end prompting viewers to SMS a code to a number to automatically donate £5.

The organisation, which according to their website costs £35,000 to run, has raised £5 million from the campaign so far.  The video was released last Thursday and has received 5.5 million views in its first week.

Two other important pieces of news:

Google’s logo changes:

Google has made arguably the slightest design changes in history with their latest logo.  Picked up by one observant Reddit user on Sunday, Google have fixed a slight design inconsistency by moving the “g” right one pixel and the “l” down and right one pixel.  Find the Reddit thread here.

Spotify hacked:

Spotify announced this week that their Android app had been breached, with one user’s information being compromised.  Despite being detected early, Spotify are urging all android users to update their apps as soon as possible.  The full announcement can be read here.

Tip of the Week

Short attention span?  Take a peep at these videos for a fun insight into the best and easiest ways to get started with social media for your business.

5 How to Videos for Social Media Newbies

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