Thomas Mangan
March 8, 2020

6 Social Media Tips To Launch Your Brand

About to launch a new brand on social media? Here are six mantras to help you get your startup or new business off to a flying start. Read more.

Making a name for yourself is one of the biggest challenges your start-up faces.
You can have an amazing market disrupting product, a world-class team and a distribution network that would put Bezos to shame, but if no-one knows who you are you will sit there staring at an empty order sheet.
Marketing your brand can sometimes fall low on the to-do list. However, it's a critical part of any strategy for success.
Social media marketing is a fantastic way for smaller companies to battle with the big dogs and build a name for themselves.
Startups can often have an advantage when working with social media. You have a smaller team, more creative capital and higher stakes to work with. Start-ups should make the most of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the other big players. These platforms already have large user bases and can help your brand tap into that audience.
So, let's jump in with some practical tips to super-charge your social media presence.

1. Have a Plan

It’s easy to set up a bunch of social media accounts, quickly write up some bios and come out blasting posts all over the web. But trust me, you’ll run out of steam.
It is a full time job running even a few social media channels for a small or medium business. Especially if you want to regularly post quality content that will inspire action or grow your brand’s name.
This is why the number one piece of advice for a startup just getting into the social media game is to have a plan. Work out what you want to achieve from all the time you spend on social. As well, a plan can help justify that time spent online to the rest of your team.
Some common social media goals are: getting users to sign up to a mailing list, promoting a specific product or service or increasing brand recognition.
Find out what is the most important thing for your startup and the content will fall into line. Hopefully, you’ll have an idea how successful you have been in achieving your goals. You can also research what is working well for similar companies and look to replicate for yourself.
Australian startup uses their Facebook page to promote themselves, with every post having a clear link back to their site.
They highlight competitions or business guides to make themselves a hub of knowledge for the freelancer community. A clear strategy to build a name and push users to their site.

2. Be creative

Creativity is one of the biggest assets a brand can utilise online. A start-up’s success can hinge upon their ability to sell a story.
This is exactly what Mike Dublin, the CEO of the American company, “Dollar shave club” knew how to do.
Trying to break into a market dominated by huge names like Gillette they needed to bring something new to the table.

3. Promote User Generated Content

You cannot create all the content you need to be ever present on the web.
So why not get your users to post for you? User Generated Content (UGC) is when your own customers post online about how amazing you are!
The dream right?!
But it’s not that unrealistic. People post all the time about what they are doing, using and enjoying. You just need a strategy to capture that and attach it to your brand.
On the internet we can become fatigued by overt advertising. However, genuine peer recommendations will always stand out. According to Fan & Fuel 97% of consumers say reviews factor into their buying decisions. That’s huge, so get your customers singing your praises online.
One company that has a successful UGC strategy is Their web and mobile app allows users to create and edit pictures and images making it really easy to create professional looking graphics online.
If you visit Canva's Instagram, featured in their bio you will see the hashtag #canvalove. You can see how they have used this as a space to show off what their own users have created using their service.

4. Team up with influencers to expand your reach

If you can get it right, influencers can be one of the best returns on investment for your marketing dollars.
Just make sure you have a strategy in place and you have done your research before handing over money for a promotion that no-one will see.
Bigger is not always better in the influencer game. Content creators with hundreds of thousands of followers might help spread your name, but they probably won't provide the conversions that you need. Not to mention the big price tag attached to those big names.
Look for your niche and explore related hashtags to find out where your potential customers are hanging out online. That's where you will find the partnerships that will drive your brand forward.
Check out this awesome example of a successful influencer paid advertisement from Primo

5. Use tools to improve your posting.

I’m going to take a guess and assume your startup doesn’t have a huge social media team that can produce AAA content daily. Well, you don’t need to. You can have an amazing impact online with a small team or even just a talented individual (like yourself).
There are a few tools that can really step up your content output.
Facebook have released their Creator’s studio tool to empower their users posting to both Facebook and Instagram. On Creator’s Studio you can post, edit and see analytics for all of your posts on those sites. One of the best features is that you can schedule posts. This means you can ‘batch-cook’ your content, spend some time getting all your images together, editing, writing copy, then queue them up to be posted at the best time. You can read more about this in detail here.
This saves so much time, and stops social media cutting into other things that are important for you and your business.
There are other tools such as Buffer. That can do this for other sites like Linkedin at the same time, but third party apps are not permitted to post directly to IG. This means there is a little more manual work on your part, but these sites have their own benefits.
Experiment and see which works best for you.

6. Paid advertising

There have been lots of changes to the social media algorithms over the years. This changes to the way people see posts. Now, there is a stronger focus on ‘meaningful’ content. This is content that is local to them, is a direct interest to them or their friend circle, or is something they have engaged with in the past.
This means that without paid advertising you won’t get as far as you used to. However, this is not the end of the world as it increases the trust that users have in the platforms, as they are not being bombarded with useless content. There are a number of ways you can target your ad spend to get your message in front of the exact people who need to see it.
Using tracking techniques such as Facebook Pixel You can create lists of the exact customers you want to target based on their interactions with you.

The Takeaway.

I hope your head is brimming with ideas for things to fill your feed. Hold on to that inspiration! It will help you come up with a plan to reach your social media goals.
Don’t be afraid of trying something new. If it doesn’t work out you can always take a different angle and try again. After all, it is free to post online and people refreshed feeds will be forgiving of yesterday's flop.
Remember to start small and work on creating consistent quality content. Gone are the days of going truly viral, especially for a business post. Use paid promotions to boost your posts along with organic outreach and make sure you’re adding something to the online conversation, not just talking at your customers.
Lastly, HAVE FUN! Startups are one of the most passionate stages of a business, make sure to let that shine through in all of your communications. The more you are enjoying your social media marketing and outreach the better it will perform, as genuine content speaks for itself online. Find your niche and become a part of online conversation.
Do you have any social media tips, or is there anything that worked for you? Let us know in the comments below and maybe you can help others reach their social media marketing goals.
If you are lost at sea in the world of social media, don’t panic! You are in the right place. Contact us here at HelloSocial and we can help you out.

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