Simon Pilkington
April 30, 2014

6 practical tips to promoting your personal brand on Pinterest

6 practical tips to promoting your personal brand on Pinterest

Did you know that the brain translates visual images 60,000 times faster than text? Visual messages pack an emotional punch that’s almost instantaneous. Food for thought given the speed of today’s engagement.

Alongside the explosion of information, the digital age has gifted us with teeny, tiny attention spans. Standing out from the crowd is now a nuanced art form. And with a wealth of social media platforms at your service, it can feel overwhelming.

This month Pinterest is celebrating its fourth birthday (Happy birthday, little P!). So we thought we’d give it some b’day love (throws streamers, eats cake). With 420,000 monthly active users in Australia and 500,000 monthly active brands globally, Pinterest is worth a second look. It has a predominantly female user-base (80%) and a high conversion rate.

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Visual images are a great tool for organising your thoughts and showcasing yourself or your brand. In this post will look at how you can use Pinterest to style your life. And next week we’ll investigate Pinterest for business.

Personal Pinterest Account

Pinterest is the perfect platform to visually organise your life – think of it as the portfolio of all the things you like. You can create, share, collect and repost. It’s a curated space for inspirational and aspirational visual content. Think of it as your personal brand.

#1 Create a photo food diary

This is THE most popular way for people to use Pinterest with 66% of users posting about cooking and dining. People showcase what they’ve cooked, what they want to try, new recipes and dining experiences.

Tip: photos with a reddish hue have a better success rate.

#2 Provide helpful tips for DIY and crafts

‘How to’ guides are a great way to explain and share tips and techniques, with everything from home-renovating, 60s eye makeup, gardening, knitting patterns, even how to make your own Halloween costumes.

Tip: pair useful content with great images that problem-solve, inspire and appeal to people’s hobbies and activities.

#3 Promote health and wellbeing

With everything from workout tips to heart-healthy living, the health benefits of broccoli and the colour of pee (we’re not kidding), Pinterest has your body covered.

Tip: infographics are a great way to combine visuals with quotes and other text in the one image.

#4 Share funny and human interest stories

People are always keen for a good laugh and enjoy sharing it with a friend or seventy-nine. And let’s face it – life shouldn’t be too serious.

Tip: memes (new captions on photos that re-contextualise them) are awesome but addictive.

#5 Coordinate your wedding, fashion and beauty

Share tips for how to achieve your favourite celebrity’s look, pin the red carpet pics (faves and fails), the brands that are to-die-for… This is the ultimate wishlist for women.

#6 Share the latest geek chic – technology tips and new products

Opt for infographics, product pics, or share the futuristic sci-fi innovations and ensure your spot in the early-adopter crowd.

You can pin anything – from travel inspiration to photos of your trips, how to make, engagement party plans, interior design, and your dream home… The only limit is your imagination.

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