Simon Pilkington
June 19, 2014

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram

With yet another announcement that Instagram ads will soon be coming to Australia, it’s time to discuss what Instagram can do for your business. A renowned photo and video sharing mobile app, Instagram has been a top rating platform since it’s beginnings in 2010.

Is it that important? Let’s look at the facts:

Instagram’s own stats reveal that there are 200 million worldwide users

There are 1.6 million Australian users according to Social Media News

67% of the world’s top brands are spending time and money on the platform

Reason 1: Instagram can connect directly to consumers

Using appropriate (#) hashtags with every photo allows you to directly connect with an audience discussing the exact same topic. A hashtag label “#socialmedia” would be a searchable topic grouped with all other posts using this identical hashtag. This allows users to search specific subjects and easily engage with others who share similar interests.

Reason 2: Instagram can promote your Brand’s Personality

Personality is important on social media and Instagram is no different. Being creative with posts and uploading ‘behind the scenes’ photos and functions of the business can give substance to an Instagram account. Followers are able to form a better understanding and appreciation for the ins and outs of the business whilst also honouring a sense of privilege.

Reason 3: Allowing engagement with the Instagram Community

Through hashtags, mentions and tagging; users can easily connect with any business using Instagram. For a retail business, this means users can share a photo of themselves using a particular product. Consumers can feel like they are directly communicating with a specific brand while helping to create open discussion between businesses and fans.

Reason 4: Brand Advocates

Users of Instagram love to take selfies and don’t need encouragement to post snaps of themselves enjoying particular products and brands. Without realising, these users are helping to advocate for the featured business. Sharing these photos on your own Instagram profile allows further connection with your followers.

Reason 5: It’s easy to integrate with your established social media platforms

It’s simple to connect and share Instagram posts with existing social media platforms. It’s so simple in fact, it’s actually a setting built in within the program. One click of a button and you can share content with Facebook and Twitter. This makes for great communication across all social media platforms.

Examples of Businesses who know how to Instagram

With over 800 000 followers, the Australian online retail business Black Milk Clothing connects with their consumers through targeted brand hashtags. They even feature customers on their website dressed in Black Milk products via an Instagram feed.

Example 2: Tourism Australia

Taking full advantage of the ‘Australia’ hashtag, Tourism Australia’s Instagram account is filled with amazing photos from every corner of the country. They also share and re-post photos from Instagram users who tag and use the #SeeAustralia hashtag.

Let’s get Intagraming!

Instagram has the unique opportunity to visually connect with current and future consumers. With little expense to your business, you can easily take advantage of this social media platform and grow your online presence with targeted brand hashtags and direct customer engagement.

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