Simon Pilkington
January 25, 2017

5 essential services in every social media package

Looking at Social Media Packages? Let us show you the top five social media services that you absolutely have to have as part of your social media package

Your social media package is your overarching social media plan and can include everything from audits to crisis management. If we were embroiled in a social media battle for success and we could only pick 5 services to be on our team, it would be these guys.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick them for your social media squad too:

Community Management

At the front and centre of the social media task force is Community Management. A dependable and consistent feature in our team, this is the bread-and-butter service of any social media package and should not be overlooked!

Community management is brand advocacy. Community managers liaise with fans of the brand, advocate for your product or service and ensure that your brand persona is accurately represented across your social media. 

Community Management gives your brand personality and promotes trust on social media. If you are investing in a social media package, ensuring that community management is a key component of the services being offered will help your brand seem less like a business robot and more human and approachable.

There is no point posting amazing, high-quality content if your brand is voiceless when people interact with you.

Content Production

Content Production is the Trojan Horse in our battalion. Its exterior presentation is easy on the eye but make no mistake, there is nothing ‘easy’ about it! The effort that goes into producing and executing quality content behind the scenes work hard to ensure that the final product looks effortless. 

Having content production included into your social media package will ensure that you have qualified creatives working to create amazing content for your brand. 

Most social media packages you come to consider will include some level of content production. However, keep an eye out for differences between content production using stock imagery, existing graphics, or bespoke content and packages that include custom curated content.


Advertising is the heavy-lifter and the front person on our team poster. Most of social media’s marketing power comes through Advertising and it should never be underestimated. Any team without advertising on their side, shouldn’t bother turning up to the fight.

Social Media advertising can be effective with all ranges of budgets, making it accessible for majority of businesses. The low cost and high return margins for advertising on social media provide very attractive reasons to take advantage of.

Social Media advertising gives brands access to more refined, time-responsive data than ever before, including breakdowns by demographics, locations, lifestyle factors and past social media behaviour.  


Reporting is the scientific genius fuelling the team and keeping them on the right path. Without reporting you’re travelling blind, the team would have no direction and would derail quickly.

When it came time to choose the top 5 services of a social media package that we would want to be included in our ultimate social media squad, we could not go past reporting. Reporting really carries and drives the team forward.

Without comprehensive reporting as part of your social media package, there is no way to know whether the decisions you’ve made (and money you’ve invested) are providing the best results for you. With reporting, you can tweak your content to speak to your most responsive demographic and amend your target audience as per their responses to your campaigns.  

When choosing a social media package, asking to preview the report style of your third party provider will ensure you are getting all the appropriate information from your social media accounts.


Audits are the Commander-In-Chief. They make the big calls and can stop the team, push the team further or change the team’s complete direction. While they may not be called upon often, they are important and influential in all the big-decision making surrounding your social media strategy.

As part of your social media package, you may have strategy audits quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. These audits are a step-back from the day-to-day social media work to reassess goals, achievements, strategy, and what is and isn’t working about your businesses overall social media plan.

We included auditing as part of our top 5 players in the social media game because we feel that without a constant review of your goals and strategy, your presence on social media will not be maximised to its full potential.

Auditing your successes and failures and revising your goals and strategy drives your social media presence forward, keeping it fresh and aligned with any data gathered in previous months.

There are many different social media packages available on the market, and every brand is different in terms of needs and goals.

The top 5 services we entailed above are the five features that are the top heavy-hitters when it comes to social media packages. If you are looking for a comprehensive social media package, curated for your brand and encompassing all of the above and more, click here.

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