Australian Red Cross

Uber X Red Cross Clothing Drive

Uber X Red Cross Clothing Drive

The Challenge

Hello Social was engaged to help Uber X Red Cross become the most talked about charity event in ANZ.  Our primary goals were to secure 60,000kg of donations, a significant increase from the previous year while generating 40 ariticles to  amplify Uber X Red Cross presence nationally to encourage donations.

Our Solution

Our team delivered an impactful, integrated, social-first campaign across Australia and New Zealand, featuring hero talent Sam Kerr and a host of Australian and Kiwi creators as our hype crew.  

In Australia, our content production leaned into the power of simplicity and played to Sam Kerr’s strengths as she was (and is) a highly relevant part of Australian culture and drove memorability alongside engagement.Our team of influential creators exceeded expectations when achieving the overarching objective of spreading awareness and educating audiences on how to donate with Uber. 

In New Zealand we adopted a different approach, with a high-energy influencer relay and cameo from the much beloved All Blacks. 


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