Uber Carshare launch on TikTok

Launching Uber Carshare with a bang via Influencers on TikTok!

The Challenge

Hello Social, alongside agency village partners were tasked with launching Uber Car Share (previously Car Next Door) to the Aussie market. Our remit covered launching the brand via Tik Tok. As a completely new category (carsharing) with low audience awareness and a new to market brand, we had our work cut-out to deliver a campaign that connected with millennials and Gen Z on Tik Tok!

Our Solution

We devised an engaging social-first influencer campaign, using recognisable faces to demonstrate use case moments with Uber Car Share in a fun but easy to digest way. We partnered with Jimmy Rees, Sketchshe, Millie Ford (Millegram), Emily Grosser and other creators to build unique videos based on their entertainment style and flighted via Tik Tok. The campaign was hugely successful and launched the brand with a bang in Australia.