Audible X Daisy Jones and The Six

Driving awareness of Daisy Jones & The Six on Audible

The Challenge

The buzz of the title on the New York best sellers list, Daisy Jones & the Six launching on Amazon Prime provided the perfect opportunity to introduce fans to listen to the audiobook, encouraging more listeners at a time when it was being talked about, but also to increase consideration and trial of the Amazon Audible platform. How do we get a listener to adopt?

Our Solution

By selecting a mix of talent who encompassed creators, creatives and authors not only to introduce the title, but also built out the theme of listening behaviors, when, where and how someone can  listen to Daisy Jones & The Six. In a clay studio, while perusing through a record store were just some of the ways the talent genuinely inspired their audience to engage with their own creative outlets while listening to an audiobook. 


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  • Social Media Strategy