U By Kotex X Sez

Hello Social partnered with UBK for their partnership with Australian comedic musician Sez, utilising that rare moment when a brand can take a viral moment on social media and turn it into a brand opportunity on Tik Tok.

The Challenge

Bringing awareness to the new UBK Period Tracker App, in an organic partnership. When Hello Social discovered influencer/creator and online sensation, Sez, went viral for her song about getting her period at a guy’s house, we knew she was the right person for this campaign on Tik Tok.

Our Solution

We partnered with Sez to create a remix of her viral song, this time calling out how prepared she was for her period using the period tracker app. This partnership also included street interview content, educating others on periods, with content across both brand and creator channels.

The song went viral on Tik Tok, generating millions in video videos across the platform, as well as thousands of comments and link clicks through to the brand's app.