THIS IS Channel Launch

Building a brand platform for one of the worlds biggest house of brands. THIS IS Paramount+ - Australia’s newest streaming service.

The Challenge

Building salience in a cluttered af space

Paramount+ is Australia’s newest streaming service. The love child of ViaCom CBS, Paramount Studios and Channel 10, the service needed to challenge the Netflix’s, Stan’s and Amazon Prime Video’s of the world to build brand and a customer base. How does a brand with a tier 2 catalogue have a bang moment, sustain growth and retain customers?

Our Solution

An always on entertainment hub

Our strategy and creative team leveraged a combination of research and internet chatter to build an always on program to support brand and acquisition activity. According to research, 18% of users who engaged and played along with a show online were more likely to seek out gated content. We built out a program featuring trailers, memes and content creators to land our engaging entertainment proposition.


  • Content Production
  • Analysis & Consulting
  • Campaigns & Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy