Paramount Pictures X Mean Girls

Hello Social partnered with Amazon Alexa to create an unforgettable influencer brand training, immersion the new round of talent for 2023 into the brand. From bespoke cocktail bars, epic product stations and a live music performance by Charley with Amazon Music we offered a unique experience.

The Challenge

Hello Social was engaged with Paramount Pictures to assist in elevating the Mean Girls Movie Launch on social media and to create hype and engagement around the premiere. 

Our Solution

The team adeptly elevated the Mean Girls Screening Premiere by curating a plan for Paramount Pictures social media feed. Our on-site engagement involved the filming of high-quality content, with our production team swiftly editing a hero hype video that was online before the event concluded. Live coverage of the premiere was seamlessly integrated into our social media strategy. Thoughtful planning went into creating a well-mapped social plan, ensuring a compelling narrative for maximum engagement. Talent management played a pivotal role as we directed on-site shooting, fostering smooth interactions throughout. By strategically tagging film stars, we harnessed organic reach, resulting in resharing and fostering high engagement across social media platforms.