Joanna Allen
July 13, 2020

Your Weekly Social Scroll πŸ“œ (13/07/2020)

Introducing a new weekly feature where we share the latest developments in social media marketing. Follow our blog for updates on platform features & more.

Introducing a new weekly bulletin...

Your Social Scroll πŸ“œ

Your Social Scroll πŸ“œ
We're breaking down what people are tapping and pinning this week in social media news. From new trending topics to announcements from the major platforms.
Here's what has been happening in social media this week...

πŸ›’ Social-commerce upgrades πŸ›’

Instagram is testing a broad shopping discovery zone to potentially replace the Activity feed at the bottom of the app. If passing, it presents a huge opportunity for smaller retailers to generate income through IG and take advantage of increased e-commerce activity as equals to major players.

πŸš€ Facebook up-skilling opportunity πŸš€

Facebook has expanded their free Blueprint training platform to include Community Management. The relationships and loyalty brands can create through dynamic community management are totally underrated. Relieved to see finally this service being given some respect!

✌️ Double tap of the week ✌️

Instagram now allows us to pin up to three comments on posts. Your brand can start highlighting positive endorsements, curate the conversation, follow up information to your post and help bury trolls.

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