Simon Pilkington
October 9, 2014

Vive, Nixie and Instagram Ads come to Australia

Vive, Nixie and Instagram Ads come to Australia

Wear your Vive and stay alive

Although still a prototype, Vive the newest ‘drinking’ accessory has sparked some interest.

Vive is a smart bracelet which one would wear when going out to partake in recreational drinking. Although most of us believe we can handle our alcohol, it has been proven at least on one occasion that we are going to need more than a shoulder to carry us home.

Vive allows users to keep in contact with their friends via a smartphone app and monitors your alcohol intake as soon as you take your first sip.

The bracelet will buzz on your wrist periodically throughout your night (or day) and in return you are required to squeeze the bracelet as a response to say you are ‘fine’.

Whether or not this seems like a perfectly logical sign of being ‘fine’ is up to you, however, it is creating a promising future to prevent those from passing out in unknown areas and potentially putting themselves in serious danger.

Taking a selfie has never been so easy.

One of Intel’s finalists for their ‘make it wearable’ challenge new prototype- Nixie, made our top viral video of the week with over 2.6 million views in just a week.

Not only because of its high number of views, but also for its incredible innovation, Nixie allows individuals to do continue their daily behaviors or recreational activities and be able to capture experiences like never before.

Nixie is worn on the wrist, and with one motion, can be released into the air and will take a picture or video of the individual and then return back to the owner’s wrist. A little bit like a boomerang, but with an outstanding capability to drive photography into a whole new dimension.

Advertising on Instagram

It used to be one of social media’s only networks that didn’t advertise, and now Instagram has now chosen to join the pack.

This week in Australia, Instagram opened up its advertising platform. Firstly stating that it will not change the way Instagram is run, advertising your business on the popular photo-sharing app has heads turning.

Instagram’s advertisements allow users the option to either hide the ads or subscribe to them. Similar to other advertisements you’ll either follow or unfollow them, but they will  appear on your newsfeed regardless

However, Instagram did mention that they want their ads to feel as natural as photos and videos shared by the brands that already post on Instagram.

With more than 150 million people actively photo-sharing and capturing their own moments on Instagram, it will certainly entice businesses to advertise their company and products on the popular social network and it was only a matter of time until Instagram ads were going to appear.

But before a stampede of ads start appearing on our newsfeed, they are only allowing specific brands to post ads first who were already large contributors to the Instagram community. Instagram mentions this is a bit like a ‘test run’ to see how users react to the advertisements.

Companies that will be soon appearing on Instagram advertisements are: Ben and Jerry’s, Michael Kors, JeansWest, Paypal and Adidas, just to name a few.

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