Elle Alevizos
May 8, 2020

Three homeware brands making social media work for them

These homeware brands are showing us how it’s done on social media! This blog looks at some of the best in the biz and how you can apply these techniques to your brand.

Whether we’re spending most of our time at home, or walking through the door and into our home after the end of a long day, our home is a place many of us like to invest in. From plush reading chairs to cosy blankets to throw over our beds, these objects bring us joy and make our special spaces even more special. There’s a lot of competition in the world of homewares, and the most successful brands are well aware of the power of social media in helping them to stand out. Here are three examples of homeware brands that are killing it on social media.

1. Bed Threads

Specialising in 100% flax linen bedding, Bed Threads is a shining example of how to maximise influence on social media. If their beautifully sumptuous bed linen doesn’t draw you in, the rest of their content is sure to. Here’s what they’re doing right:

Content that helps us maximise our time spent at home

What do we do in our homes? Many things. I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time eating, reading, and enjoying Netflix in my newly decorated living room. Bed Threads writes and shares content that helps us to do these things even better – like tips for healthy and easy WFH lunches, or how we can create a lush indoor garden, and even great podcasts to binge.
This well-rounded approach to content, aimed at helping us improve our lives, positions Bed Threads as thought leaders, and means we remember them for more than just their lovely bed linen.
How to do it for your brand:
  • Brainstorm topics that relate to your brand.
  • Make sure they’re topics you feel passionate about!
  • Find someone to write your blog (maybe that’s you).

Creating a forum for discussion

Reads. By Bed Threads. Is a Facebook Group created by Bed Threads to encourage the discussion of books by their community. Reading is an activity many of us partake in when we’re cosied up in bed, and it’s a great way to extend the brand’s connection with us. Plus, it’s always an excellent strategy to get your audience involved by encouraging them to participate and share their thoughts and ideas. Engaging your fans in a dialogue is a much better way to remain relevant and memorable than simply blasting out self-promotion.
How to do it for your brand:
  • Think about what forums would be relevant to your brand. If you’re a food brand, maybe it’s a forum about favourite recipes.
  • Create a Facebook Group.
  • Invite your fans to join the group

Sharing user-generated content in Instagram Stories

This one sounds like a no-brainer. But there are many brands out there that aren’t maximising the opportunity to share beautiful content that they didn’t even have to lift a finger to create. Sharing user-generated Story content every single day is an important way to remind fans that Bed Threads care about what their customers are saying. It also goes back to the idea of making your audience feel like they’re involved, and you’re not simply talking at them.
How to do it for your brand:
  • When an Instagram user mentions you in a Story, you’ll get a notification in your feed.
  • Look out for these each day! This is important, as Stories expire after 24 hours.
  • Go to the notification and tap ‘Add to your story’ to reshare this to your Story.

2. Koskela

Koskela are known for their high quality, contemporary furniture with a playful twist. I’m a big fan of the mix of functionality and unpretentious style manifested in their products. Here’s what Koskela is getting right on social media:

Competitions, with a twist

Koskela’s furniture is not the cheapest, nor is it the most conventional. If you’re looking for a regular desk, you might try IKEA or Freedom, but if it’s a desk with a hoodie you’re after, you might want to try Koskela. With that in mind, it stands to reason that the typical Koskela consumer is after something a little different. Koskela’s most recent competition, advertised on Instagram, boasts the following prizes:
  • Two six-month wine subscriptions, one for themselves and one for a loved one, valued at $720
  • Two passes to a virtual weaving workshop with Ngumpie Weaving valued at $120 (weaving kits will be sent ahead of time)
Many of us love wine, but a virtual weaving workshop is different, and pretty special. Their partnership with an Aboriginal contemporary weaver shows that Koskela has something a little bit out of the ordinary to offer their fans. It also ties in nicely with their current online exhibition of Aboriginal artworks from the Ngukurr Arts Centre.
How to do it for your brand:
  • Think about what makes your brand unique. Maybe you’re a family-owned business, or maybe it’s that you use a special kind of wood to make your items. Use this to think of a theme or prize for your competition.
  • This is a great way to get fans to join your mailing list – get them to sign up to enter your competition.

Content that helps us maximise our time spent at home

Like Bed Threads, Koskela have created some wonderful content to help us get the most out of our homes. But because it’s Koskela, it’s got a quirky but cool twist. For example, lie this post on how to create a distinction between your sanctuary and workspace for all of us working from home, which advises us to give our different spaces different smells so we can concretise the difference between the two:

3. Temple and Webster

According to Temple and Webster, their vision is “to be the first place Australians turn to when shopping for their home.” From personal experience, I think they are doing a pretty good job of this. Many times when I’ve wanted to find something specific for my home, I’ve turned to Temple and Webster’s huge collection of homewares and furniture. So it’s only natural that their social media reflects their ‘one stop shop’ philosophy.

Run a variety of ads

Temple and Webster are currently running a large collection of Facebook ads. These consist of simple product photos combined with catchy and to-the-point captions. From wall hangings to water bottles, vases to kids toys and more, Temple and Webster’s ads seem to have something for everyone, a great strategy for capturing a wide variety of customers. With such simple creative, it’s easy to get these ads made quickly and get them live. You can then use retargeting for customers that have visited your website looking for a specific item to hit them with an ad that is tailored for them.
How to do it for your brand:
  • If you sell lots of different kinds of items, this is a great way to use social media.
  • Set up the Facebook Pixel on your website so that you can retarget the visitors.
  • Use simple, short captions and clear, brightly lit images of your products.

Create content that references holidays and events

Public holidays, events, and even a change in the weather can be great opportunities to make content and show your audience that you’re living in the same world as them. This makes your brand relatable and relevant. Take this example below - the image is user generated content (bonus points), and the Temple and Webster team have made it all about the long weekend we had for Easter. It’s clever, timely, and shows that the brand is thinking on their feet. Great for engaging an audience.
How to do it for your brand:
  • Keep a list with links and screenshots of great posts your audience have made about your brand. You can use this user generated content. Or, you can use your own images or stock photos if relevant.
  • Plan your content in advance and look for special days and events in the month(s) to come.
  • Combine the image of your choice with some clever words related to the event or special day, and post away! If you’re using content from one of your fans, don’t forget to tag them - they’ll be chuffed.

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