Brent Barnhart
August 4, 2019

Introduction to the LinkedIn Life Page & Examples of Brands Doing It Right

Do you have a LinkedIn Life page? Show off your brand as a top employer, share your values, and attract more B2B interest with a new Linkedin look.

Put on your suit and tie: it’s time to talk about LinkedIn.
The top social network for professionals, LinkedIn is the place to be if you’re in the B2B space.
Fact: a staggering 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. As evidenced by recent statistics, LinkedIn’s user-base of over 600 million professionals isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, either.
The takeaway here? You can’t afford to let your LinkedIn company page gather cobwebs.
From recruiting to social selling, brands are fighting tooth and nail to position themselves as the best of the best in their respective industries.
And many of using taking advantage of a LinkedIn Life page to do exactly that.
In this guide, we’ll break down what a LinkedIn Life page is and how brands are using it for some serious positioning power.

What is a LinkedIn Life Page, anyhow?

Let’s start with the basics.
LinkedIn Life pages are branded landing pages that allow businesses to highlight their accomplishments, employees and company culture.
An exclusive and valuable piece of real estate, a LinkedIn Life page is a business’ opportunity to say “Hey, this is why we’re awesome and why we’re the company you want to work with.”
For reference, check out Oracle’s Life page.
If you’re scrambling through LinkedIn trying to figure out to edit your “Life” page and are totally lost, don’t panic.
The “Life” tab is exclusive to LinkedIn Careers, the platform’s premium company features which include the ability to post job openings and recruit talent. If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn Careers, check out this primer:
LinkedIn Life pages are all about positioning. However, consider that simply having a Life page signals that you’re serious about doing business.
Why? Because of the price tag. LinkedIn requires companies to individually negotiate the price of their Careers features on a case-by-case basis. To give a ballpark amount, BetterTeam, notes that setting up recruiting features within LinkedIn costs approximately $9,000 USD per year.
That’s why you don’t see LinkedIn Life pages everywhere. In short, they’re reserved for bigger brands who want to highlight their expertise and attract top-level talent.

What Are the Elements of a LinkedIn Life Page?

Here’s a quick run-down of the various pieces of a LinkedIn Life page which help brands stand out versus a typical profile.
Bear in mind that brands aren’t required to use all of these elements

Hero image/video

When you land upon most LinkedIn Life pages, you’ll be met with a high-quality hero image. Although some companies will use branded images, most will use photos of their employees. Check out this example from MailChimp.
LinkedIn also allows you a video in lieu of a hero image, much like Atlassian does.

“Meet the team”

This section allows you to highlight a few specific members of your company. More of then than not, this includes founders and CEOs as opposed to entry-level employees.
For companies recruiting, this is a smart place to include the folks you want people to reach out to if they’re interested in a job. Here’s an example of Koala’s “Meet the team” section.


The main body of a LinkedIn Life page is basically a free-for-all.
Some companies have relatively short profiles while others will go on for multiple paragraphs. This section is the “meat” of the Life page, allowing companies to detail their accomplishments, values and recruiting efforts.
For example, Canva’s Life page is laser-focused on recruiting and why people should join their team.
Meanwhile, Airtasker’s LinkedIn Life page dives deeper into values and a commitment to diversity in addition to what it’s like to work for them.

Company photos

This section is another opportunity to show off your team in action. Most companies include candid, off-the-cuff photos of their workers rather than products.
Here’s an example from Prospa.

“Employee perspectives”

Here you can highlight content published by employees via LinkedIn Pulse. This represents a smart way to increase the exposure of your native LinkedIn content. Here’s Employment Hero’s “Employee perspectives” section for reference.


Serving as social proof, this section allows employees to sound off about the positives of working for your company. Unlike traditional customer testimonials, this section is reserved for feedback from your own team members. Check how Willow highlights meaningful testimonials from their employees.


For some companies, one Life page isn’t enough.
Depending on the scope of your business, you can actually create multiple Life pages based on different goals or audiences.
For example, HP’s “Life at HP” tab is focused on company life...
...and their “Students & Graduates” tab focused on catching the attention of younger talent.

What’s the Point of a LinkedIn Life Page?

Hey, fair question.
Here’s a snapshot of why companies are investing in Life pages in the first place.

Recruiting Better Candidates

According to LinkedIn’s own datasheet, companies instantly increase the volume and quality of their new hires with features associated with their Careers platform.
Giving potential recruits a bird’s eye view of what you’re looking for and have to offer not only makes recruits more familiar with your company but also highlight their most relevant strengths when it comes time to apply.

Highlighting Company Culture

A company’s LinkedIn page isn’t just a place to flex.
Food for thought: 94$ of executives and 88% of businesses agree that culture is important.
Top-level recruits and workers are spoiled for choice when it comes to where they could work. The right cultural fit can represent a bigger difference to certain talent versus company size or the paycheck you can offer.

Spelling Out Your Values

Similarly, the values of a brand matter to employees and customers alike.
Companies that take a stand on social issues or are mission-driven immediately set themselves apart from businesses that don’t. That’s why so many brands put their values front-and-center and your LinkedIn Life page is the perfect place to do just that.

Common Threads Between the Best LinkedIn Life Pages

To wrap things up, let’s dive into what the best LinkedIn Life pages have in common.

They Have a Defined Theme

Looking to attract talent? Highlight what separates you from other businesses on the block? Companies that invest in LinkedIn Careers need to mind their goals. For example, pages centered around recruiting include calls-to-action specific to that goal (“Join or family” or “Check out careers”).

They’re People-Centric

Elements such as company photos and testimonials are prime opportunities to give your company a much-needed human touch. Doing so gives visitors a glimpse into life at your company and can likewise help potential talent visualize what it’s like to work with you, too.

They Include Data Points

Score a new round of funding? Reach thousands of customers? These factoids and statistics provide concrete evidence that your business lives up to its promises and represents a major player in your industry.

Thinking About Building a LinkedIn Life Page?

As LinkedIn continues to evolve and grow, expect more and more brands to build out their Life pages.
Doing so is certainly an investment, but a worthwhile one for companies looking to attract top talent and position themselves accordingly.
And even if you don’t have a Life page yet, you can use these tips and principles as you fill out your LinkedIn company page based on the best practices of today’s top-tier businesses.

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