Brittanie Payne
October 13, 2019

How To Celebrate Halloween On Social Media Right

Spooky season is here so it’s time to spice up your socials and prepare to scare your competitors with some eerily good Halloween content. Get inspired!

Spooky season is here so it’s time to spice up your socials and prepare to scare your competitors with some eerily good Halloween content. 👻🎃🦇
It’s undeniable how the interest in Halloween has increased exponentially with the rise of social media. Every year, more and more businesses seem to be jumping on board with the celebrations!
But where to start? We have put together the ultimate guide to all things creepy, bizarre and awfully good when it comes to Halloween.

Campaign Killers

If you’re wanting to go all out for Halloween this year, a full scale and multi-channel campaign is the way to go. Big budget, big dreams (...or nightmares), right?


In 2018, Fanta thrilled the world with their epic global Halloween campaign.
Fanta ticked every box and pulled out all the stops last year - limited edition bottles and flavours, custom Snapchat lenses and filters, experiential events, ongoing social media content and more! As a result, Fanta grew by more than 23% and received more than 18.7 million views on campaign content.
Source: Net Imperative
With such a great success, it's not surprising that Fanta are rolling out a similar product based approach this year with the launch of their social media campaign around the limited addition spooky "Dark Orange" flavour.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts also crushed the Halloween game last year with their #DunkinDressUpContest campaign. Halloween is the perfect time of year to connect with your online community and gather some user-generated content!

Instagram stories

Our key takeaways from freakily good campaigns: big or small budget, Halloween is the perfect time to engage your audience. Ask a question or create content that can start up a conversation!
Instagram Stories! Instagram Stories have exploded in popularity, with well over 400 million daily active users. We’ve also found that Instagram stories are not nearly as limited in organic reach as feed posts so they’re a great place to post interactive content!
Source: InfluencerDB

Features you may like to try:

Question stickers:
Quiz time:
You can now add a polling sticker into your Instagram story ads so it might be worthwhile trialling this new ads strategy for the spooky season!

Seasonal Socials

A simple post for Halloween is sometimes enough to make a scream on socials. The key is to make sure it’s on brand.
Comedy Central Australia released a witty Halloween series last year which went down a treat:
Need more #spookspo? Check out some of our client content from last year:
Simple, cheeky and a little bit creepy! La Mono kept in theme of their food posts but spooked it up a little bit for some Halloween entertainment.
Shadows...darkness… sounds scary? Not with Clipsal light options! A simple yet effective approach to seasonal messaging. 
In the mood for 5 nights of horror? Last year Luna Park hosted #Halloscream6 featuring a week-long event, The Rise of Cursed Carnival. We captured all the gory goodness on @lunaparksydney.
Hello Social tip: If you’re thinking of making some Halloween content this year, why not make it a video? We’ve found that video content generates 12 times more shares and engagement than text and images combined! 8-12 second videos are the sweet spot.
The limited edition drinks were available for only 5 days and took social media by storm. Within a few hours, the Starbucks hashtags and tagged photos were flooded by user photos with the drink.
…and 2019’s freaky flavour is already highly anticipated. Talk about successful social media marketing!
Yeah okay @Starbucks pumpkin spice is cool and all but WHEN WILL YOU TELL ME WHAT YOUR HALLOWEEN DRINK IS THIS YEAR. I don’t care what it is! I just want you to finish your yearly corporate brain wash on me and tell me what to call whatever I’m wasting my money on! DO IT COWARDS!
— hailey (@HailsBelle) 19 September 2019

Boost Juice

Boost took on a similar strategy in Australia last year with their Cookies and Scream promotion. Their $5 Cookies and Creme smoothie kept lines out the door all day!

Wicked Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important marketing strategy! According to Adweek, the industry is set to reach $10 billion worth by 2020 so why stick your fangs into the trend for your 2019 Halloween campaign?

NYX Cosmetics

In 2018, NYX stepped up the glamour and gore with an influencer-based #FacesOfDC campaign. Rather than running the Halloween campaign solely off their own platforms, NYX teamed up with various beauty personalities to add a human touch to their content and competitions. The result? Increasing their audience pool by almost 3.3 million and experiencing some scarily good engagement!
They also ran a #31daysofHalloween campaign alongside the #FacesofDC competition, collaborating with up to 31 influencers for daily content. The hashtag reached over 157 million people and left their competitors trembling.


McDonald's BOO-sted store traffic by 23% from their influencer campaign surrounding their ‘Trick. Treat. Win!’ campaign - a Halloween themed McDonald’s Monopoly.


Looking to keep it simple? Crocs partnered with some lifestyle bloggers to incorporate Crocs into their Halloween costumes, fitting in with their #ComeAsYouAre campaign.
Hello Social Tip: Influencers can now tag brands as a business partner on Instagram. By branding their Halloween posts, brands can now sponsor posts created by influencers and promote them as if it were their own ad!
And there you have it - our top ideas, examples and tips to inspire horrifically good Halloween content! Go forth and create a little spookiness and magic.

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