Rebekah Carter
June 24, 2018

8 Examples of Awesome Video Marketing on Facebook

Get some inspiration for your next Facebook video marketing campaign with these 8 examples of brands doing it right. Video is taking over social media, and some smart brands just get it! From tutorials to recipes, comedy to documentary, video is a part of your social media strategy not to miss.

Ready to press "play" on your marketing strategy?
You probably already know how valuable a solid social media strategy can be to your business. However, did you know that video could be the content solution that’s most conducive to your success? After all, 85% of America watches videos online.
When you add Facebook to the mix, the power of video gets even more impressive. In fact, over 500 million people watch video on Facebook each day. The question is, how can you set up a strategy that pays the bills.

Why Facebook Video Marketing?

While witty posts and insightful infographics are great, there's a new player in town for brands seeking engagement, and that's video. 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook, allowing businesses to project their stories in unique and creative ways. That means whether you're announcing a new product, spreading brand awareness, or simply trying to build a relationship with your audience, Facebook video could be the answer.
Videos on Facebook can be uploaded directly to the platform, and the channel even has its own formatting guide to help you out. What's more, video on Facebook is incredibly flexible, which means that you can create campaigns all the way from Live Q&A sessions to 360 product demonstrations.
As Facebook video marketing emerges as one of the most popular tactics in the world, we thought we'd give you a little inspiration to start your own strategy.
Here are 8 examples of some of our favourite video marketing strategies from the last year.

1. General Electric (GE): Creating an Authority Brand

General Electric have had their ups and downs in terms of brand reputation. However, they're a great example of a company that's learned how to embrace social media for thought leadership. The first thing you see when you visit the GE Facebook page is a commitment to video. This is a brand that's constantly posting engaging videos about their services, initiatives, and community ideas.
Just check out their post for "Drone Week," where they visited a wind farm using digital tools to create sustainable energy.
By embracing the creative power of video, General Electric shows its customers that they're more than just microwaves. They build their position as a thought leader in the technology industry, exploring innovative ideas that help to boost their reputation online.
In fact, General Electric isn't just sharing video on Facebook either. Their efforts to emerge as a thought leader have taken them across the web to YouTube too. Their latest series, "Together We Work," demonstrates the projects GE experts explore every day.

2. Blendtec: Delighting An Audience  

Facebook video marketing is a strategy that modern brands can use to show off their products and demonstrate their abilities in unique ways. Of course, it's also a lot more than that. Video is a dynamic and compelling media that allows brands to tell exciting stories about what they can do for their customers. In fact, 76% of marketers say the medium helps them to boost sales.
Blendtec, the popular blender company, uses video in two different ways on Facebook. First, they have their fun (and often mouth-watering) tutorials on how to make food using your new blender:
These scrumptious morsels of content are a great way to inspire customers and show them the true value of their blender.
On the other side of the coin, we've got something a bit more creative: the "Will it Blend" series. These are live videos where people throw heavy-duty objects into a Blendtec device and see what happens. Not only is this great entertainment, but it's also a fantastic demonstration of how durable Blendtec products can be.

3. Peel: Doing Something Different

Pop quiz: How do you stand out in an industry as saturated as the smartphone accessory market?
The answer: Do something different.
Since pretty much anyone can head online and buy a sack full of accessories to sell from Alibaba, there are countless websites out there that you can pick from when you want to spruce up your phone. That means that companies like "Peel" need to do something impressive if they want to stand out. Their solution was to launch a Facebook video marketing strategy to demonstrate the functional and stylish nature of their phone cases.
Peel's "extra-thin" phone cases making them perfect for anyone who wants to show off their new wafer-thin iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. With video, Peel not only demonstrates their products but also show the unique and fun-loving personality that makes the brand so appealing:
They know that customers buy from "people," not corporations, so they show their employees off in their ads, and make their videos wonderfully personal. The result? 16 times increase in revenue, and three times greater ROI.

4. The Beard Club: Using Humour to Make an Impression

Emotional advertising is powerful. In fact, countless studies show that consumers make decisions using emotion instead of logic. That's something that The Beard Club has clearly taken into consideration with their Facebook video marketing strategy. This trendy company is all about making a lasting impression on their audience. That's why their videos are always packed full of humour and inspirational entertainment.
In a video series on Facebook entitled "Beard Motivation" the Beard Club give men the fun extra push they need to give up the razor. For instance, this fun 13-second video shows razors of all shapes and sizes being destroyed to a backing of classical music. It's fun, it's engaging, and it's a great way for the Beard Club to engage their audience without constantly showing off their product. 

5. HelloFresh: Offering Inspiration

Speaking of companies who want to delight and educate their audience. HelloFresh is a food subscription box that teaches you how to make new and delicious meals every week. The company's entire business model is based around making cooking and serving food simple and fun. With that in mind, the company created their own show on Facebook video.
The frequently-updated video page for the company demonstrates how users can create the meals served to them by HelloFresh each week. This helps to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that the food customers get looks like the pictures online. Plus, it's an entertaining way for HelloFresh to engage with their audience.
The brand also has a "Live Interactive Cooking Show," where customers can cook along at the same time as the host, getting tips as they go. Because the events are live-streamed, clients have the option to ask questions and get instant responses before their risotto burns. Though the Cooking Party section is currently live on the US page, it's great for anyone who wants new cooking ideas on the go.

6. Unity Stamp Co: Demonstrating Value

Here's one for all the crafty customers out there. The Unity Stamp company knows that their clients come from all walks of life. While there are probably a handful of craft connoisseurs using these rubber stamps, there are plenty of beginners too. When you're a small company trying to get as much interest as possible from people around the world, it's important to find a way to make your product accessible.
The Unity Stamp company did this by launching their own Facebook Live video series. The series covers everything from "quick tips" on how to make incredible cards and cut-outs, to live videos. During their live videos, customers can craft along with the experts, ask questions about their projects, and get answers instantly.
Since the organization launched their video marketing strategy, they've gone from a basically unheard-of brand to a company with over 94,000 followers on Facebook.

7. Enlight Photofox: Creating Advocates

In any marketing strategy, there are few things more beneficial than an army of advocates ready to support your brand. The folks over at Enlight Photofox understand this, that's why they created a video marketing campaign which shows users how to create stunning pieces of art using their software. The company's Facebook page is packed full of video content, including tutorials, live sessions, and "fundamental" lessons.
Similarly, to the Unity Stamp company above, the idea of these videos is to educate an audience and make the product more accessible. Of course, at the same time, it also helps Enlight to build relationships with their customers by showcasing the people behind the company.
In an industry as complicated and impersonal as the technology sector, it's crucial for brands to make a connection. Enlight Photofox use Facebook video to engage their audience and demonstrate the emotional side of their product.

8. NASDAQ: Keeping People Informed

Finally, one of the best ways to use Facebook video is as a method of keeping your customers informed. For instance, while the stock exchange might be the leading source of financial power in the world, it's not exactly easy for most people to understand. The NASDAQ is an entity that most people have regarded with confusion and panic, until now.
Through Facebook Live, NASDAQ decided to give people a peek at the behind-the-scenes running of the stock exchange. This means that consumers can start to attach voices and faces to the otherwise overwhelming concept of a stock-based organization.
The NASDAQ group does a lot of live-streaming with corporate executives, and it also offers live insights into the opening and closing bells for the US stock exchange. In simple terms, it's making the bewildering concept of stocks a little more accessible.

Ready, Set, Action!

It's easy to see why social media platforms like Facebook are doubling down on Video. After all, they get about 32 billion views on video content every day.
As the examples above show, video content can come in various shapes and sizes. You can use it to promote upcoming events, build your brand, sell your new products or even just connect with customers. The message is clear if you're not investing in video content already, now's the time to start. Of the 68% of marketers publishing in this medium, 87% say it's effective.
So, how do you get started? Simple. Use the examples above for inspiration and reach out to Hello Social to start your very own Facebook advertising campaign.

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