Brent Barnhart
September 9, 2018

10 Apps for Instagram Influencers in 2018

Learn how to give your instagram account a little extra finish with our top 10 Instagram apps for influencers in 2018. We cover the most popular and effective apps to schedule Instagram posts, edit photos on your phone, find the right hashtags and track engagement through Instagram analytics.

To outsiders, influencer marketing might seem like little more than avocado toast and clever captions.
But the amount of cash brands are willing to splash on even the smallest of influencers tells a different story.
That said, influencers are business owners. Period.
And just like any business relies on its own suite of tools and apps, influencers are no different.
With Australia representing one of the most active influencer markets, there’s a massive window of opportunity for emerging influencers.
There’s also plenty of competition.
As a result, your Instagram app stack can make all the difference as an influencer.
Trying to grow your follower account? Win over a brand deal? Need ideas for new posts?
Yeah, there’s an app for that.
Actually, there are quite a few of ‘em.

5 Instagram App Types for Every Influencer

In this list, we’ve broken down a combination of apps and tools that every influencer should have on deck.
Some are totally free. Others require a one-off cost or a subscription.
Either way, these tools represent a cost-effective way to boost your engagement rate and grow your numbers as an influencer.
And with that, let’s dig in!


Timing is a subtle yet significant factor in how much engagement your posts receive.
Posting while your most dedicated fans are snoozing means than you’re inevitably limiting your reach. Instead, influencers should empower themselves to post around the clock when their followers are most likely to drop that like or comment.
Finding the right Instagram app for scheduling has traditionally been tricky for influencers. Instagram’s terms of service have historically discouraged third-party scheduling tools, for starters.
Also consider that many Instagram tools are enterprise-level. This results in features that aren’t exactly tailored for solo brands, including the price tag.
Fear not, though! Here are two Instagram scheduling tool options that are ideal for the influencer crowd.

1. Rivuu

This straightforward tool services as an Instagram app that can schedule your content alongside posts for Facebook and Twitter. Storing all of your digital assets in one place, Rivuu creates seamless workflows and dashboards that allow you to plan out a comprehensive content calendar.
In other words, you can plan out your images, hashtags and other creatives to be pushed to your audience on your own terms.
As an added bonus, Rivuu acts as a sort of social media agency that posts via a secure server. This keeps the platform within Instagram’s best practices. Also, this serves as an alternative to schedulers that queue up posts in advance but still require you to publish in real-time.
Pricing: $10/mo per user

2. Schedugram

Schedugram is a single-platform scheduler, focusing solely on Instagram. The platform allows you to post everything from single image posts and videos to Carousels and Stories. This app’s visual calendar provides a birds-eye view of your presence alongside built-in reports and analytics.
Pricing: $20/mo per user per account, price increases based on your follower count

Tag Generators

As an influencer, your hashtag strategy is critical for introducing yourself to new followers and piggybacking on trending topics.
Think about it. If you’re tackling tags that are too broad, you might get lost in the shuffle. On the flip side, going after tags that nobody is actually using isn’t exactly a good look for your brand.
If nothing else, consider that posts containing hashtags receive more engagement than those without ‘em. Having a dedicated Instagram app for zeroing in on hashtags can make picking tags much less of a guessing game.

3. All Hashtag

This free hashtag tool is surprisingly robust.
In short, All Hashtag takes a keyword or hashtag and allows you to find the most popular related tags based on your search. Although you may not want to use all of these tags, it’s a good starting point for brainstorming.
Additionally, you can generate random or trending related tags which could produce some secondary tags to tack onto your posts. The wealth of options and ideas here allows you to get creative and expand your hashtag strategy.
Pricing: Free!
And if you want a sort of “second opinion” on which hashtags to experiment with, free searches within tools such as Hashtagify and Keyhole are worth trying out as well.
Photo Editing and Filters
If you find yourself agonising over edits and filters to nail down the “perfect” photo, you certainly aren’t alone.
And while Instagram has certainly stepped up their in-app features over the years, there are a few gold standards out there when it comes to making your photos shine.
Whether it’s a breathtaking landscape or snagging the perfect selfie, either of the following apps are worthwhile investments for influencer photos.


VSCO is an Instagram app that’s synonymous with stunning pictures, including filters that emulate old-school photography.
Totally intuitive and easy-to-use, its endless filter and style options provide endless options to stylize your snaps. Hundreds of presets give you plenty to work with and are a far-cry from Instagram’s default editor. The app also provides access to VSCO’s creative community and new features as they roll out.
Price:  $19/yr annual subscription

5. Lightroom

Adobe definitely delivers with this Instagram app that works in tandem with the desktop version of Lightroom.

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For photographers who want to really sit down in detail and edit their photos beyond a native app, this is the choice for you. That said, the in-app editor is nothing to scoff at whether you’re playing with contrast, lighting or anything in-between.
Pricing: $10/mo as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud

Stories Apps

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories are booming for smaller influencers and big brands alike. With new features rolling out on a regular basis, anything that makes your Stories stand out are a plus.
While built-in apps like Boomerang and Hyperlapse are a good start, here are some addition Instagram tools to give your Stories some creative flair.

6. InShot

This app boasts a number of surprisingly powerful production features, all which can be rolled out via mobile (think: no desktop editing required).
Transitions? Yep. Speed effects? Yeah, that too. Voiceovers and music? And then some.
These unique touches are prime for producing Stories that pop.

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Pricing: $10/yr for full features, $3 for no watermark, limited features


OVER is one of the few Instagram tools promoting features specific to Stories.
A combination of tens of thousands of graphics, fonts and filters work within the app’s eye-catching colour schemes to provide users with a ton of creative freedom.
Pricing: $60/yr or $10/mo

Analytics Tools

The more data you have on hand as an influencer, the better.
From improving content to performing to proving what you’re worth to potentially brand partners, data-driven marketing is essential. The good news is there’s more than one Instagram app to help you keep an eye on your most important metrics.

8. Instagram Insights

Built-in analytics are better than nothing! Instagram Insights provides some useful surface-level info on your posts and profiles, such as reach, impressions and actions taken by other users.
Pricing: Free!

9. Phlanx Engagement Calculator

Engagement rate is a huge metric for influencers. Phlanx’s free calendar can tell at a glance whether an influencer actually has an engaged following or is sporting a ton of fake followers. The ability to prove your ability to drive interactions is a game-changer for winning brand opportunities.
Pricing: Free!

10. Iconosquare Instagram Audit

If you’re curious whether or not your Instagram presence is optimised, analytics platform Iconosquare provides a free audit to users which covers 20 unique data points. Covering engagement rate, settings and account activity, influencers can double-check their account against Iconosquare’s score.
Meanwhile, the platform’s full-blown suite offers insanely in-depth Instagram analytics including optimised timing, highest-performing post and conversations with followers.
Pricing: Free! ($29/mo for Iconosquare’s full-feature platform)
And with that, we wrap up our list!

What Influencer Apps Are Your Must-Haves?

Especially if you’re a solo influencer, running an Instagram business means having the right set tools handy.
Even just a few small changes in your tagging, analytics or creative approach can make all the difference in today’s competitive influencer landscape.
The good news? Given the cost-effective and even free options out there, building a marketing stack is easier than ever for Instagram influencers.

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